We focus on videogame development for you and an array of services for videogame

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Interactive software and videogame development for clients

Help local companies on promotion, marketing and founding

Original Games

The company's original games and coproductions, all made with love <3

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about developing videogames and interactive software

We are a video game services company formerly known as Abstract Tinker. We focus on the development of video games for customers and a variety of services for video game developers. The company was born from the community of independent games and we always seek to return everything we can.

Our work

What our customers said

“As the RetroX developer I know when people have passion and skills to move their projects forward, that's why I'm confident in investing in this company”

Franco Catrin

“Abstract is our stategic partner in development, with them we feel support in the challenges we take”

Aldo Manetti
Inside VR

“Thanks to Abstract Digital works we are now able to access to new strategic resources which are valuable for the development of our business. We are very happy to be collaborating with their team.”

Bordeu Brothers
ACE Team

They have trusted in us


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