“El mal acecha en Winterlake”

Algo terrible le ocurre a Caroline Walker mientras investiga la desaparición de dos mellizas en Winterlake...

Un survival horror como los de antes

Tormented Souls te lleva de vuelta a los juegos clásicos de supervivencia y terror. Inspirado en las series originales de Resident Evil y Alone in the Dark, Tormented Souls se moderniza para la nueva generación dando un soplo de aire fresco a las aventuras de perspectiva fija.



El desarrollo de Tormented Souls fue uno de nuestros proyectos mas grandes y complejos a la fecha, Tormented Souls fue una emocionante meta técnica a realizar como personas y como empresa.


  • Dual Effect
  • Abstract Digital
  • Pqube
  • Lanzamientos

  • Demo: 08/08/2021
  • Comercial: 27/08/2021
  • Consola: 27/08/2021
  • Puzles

    Saquea recursos y herramientas esenciales, descifra pistas de diarios antaño olvidados y combínalo todo para resolver rompecabezas endemoniados para revelar los secretos de la mansión convertida en hospital.


    Las fuerzas oscuras y sus horrores innombrables harán todo lo posible para evitar que Caroline descubra la verdad. Usa todo aquello que encuentres para luchar contra estos males que acechan en la oscuridad.


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    Lo que dicen del juego

    "Tormented Souls gets way more right than not, and I came away from it very impressed. This was the kind of game that once I got the hang of it (I have not played many survival horror games at all) I became enthralled with playing and exploring every area and uncovering all the secrets and story material I could. This game does not try to advance the genre; it doesn’t do anything particularly new or better than previous champions of the genre have, but for all that it does, it does it very well. I’ll always say there is room in any genre for another solid entry, and that’s what you get here — a great survival horror game built with intentional classic/retro design".

    Digital Chumps

    "Tormented Souls is the successor to classic survival horror. I’ve wanted a new Silent Hill (or classic Resident Evil) game for years, but I’d trade all the drama and disappointment for a fantastic spiritual successor like this any day. Exploring Winterlake Hospital channeled all those feelings of dread and loneliness that made those games special and proves that the format still works. The biggest issues with Tormented Souls seem like they stem more from a problem with budget more than the devs’ ability. With indie games, there are always compromises that have to be made to launch a title, and I think Dual Effect struck the best balance it could here".

    Game Revolition

    "Even though the game is inspired by old-school horror titles, it is still very much its own thing. The game has a lot of its own ideas and feels unique even with its similarities. If you’re an old-school survival horror fan, you need to buy Tormented Souls. This game was created exclusively with you in mind. With the game’s value price, it’s quite amazing the amount of content in the game. If only this game had more replay value to it, it would be a super solid experience. Even without that, it’s a very fun tread through the type of survival horrors that we used to enjoy back when the genre was still young.".

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